Virtua Tennis Challenge for Android and iTunes

Virtua Tennis Challenge

The other day we talked about the Sega Forever saga and The Revenge of Shinobi, because today we bring you another great Sega classic that we can find in this collection, Virtua Tennis Challenge. We are delighted to have a remastering of the classic Virtual Tennis for android and iOS created in the year 2000 for Dreamcast.

The best tennis classic on your smartphone

I hope that you are prepared to make the best blows with your racket since in Virtua Tennis Challenge we will be able to realize balloons, effects to the ball, liftados and of course, cut blows. We will be able to compete against the best 50 players in the world in 18 international stadiums.

The more you play the better you will give your strokes, that is, you must practice your concentration on plays that adapt to the style of play that has the player of your choice. It is not the same players specialized in powerful strokes that in players with much effect in the beating. Without realizing it you will spend the hours playing in the different game modes, trying blows and clues.

In Virtua Tennis Challenge it is important that you look at the environments and stadiums in which you compete as it will not be the same to compete in clay, hard court or turf. You must adapt your punches and style of play to the environment that surrounds you.

Virtua Tennis Challenge Game Modes

The best way to play is without a doubt the SPT World Championship, in this game mode we must choose a character and customize it to participate in the official international competitions against the best in the world. As we go winning games we will get money with which we can enroll in new tournaments.

The exhibition parties are parties where we can choose the track and the characters that we want in both individual and double mode.

Download for Android and iTunes

Then there is the Multiplayer mode where we can challenge our friends in online matches by wifi or by bluetooth face to face. It is clear that a good remastering of a classic has to allow a good competitive gameplay against our friends.

We will finish with the game modes of quick game and training. In fast games we can play challenges to improve our level and in training mode, that is, we can train. Then we leave the trailer of the game to motivate you.

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