How to play SNES mini games on Android

How to play SNES mini games on Android

This week Nintendo confirmed an open secret. In September they will launch the SNES classic mini for 80 €, their console of the 90 in reduced version with 21 games preinstalled. If you want to do with her you will have it difficult, because yesterday the reservations were depleted in less than 5 minutes. But we are going to save you the wait, the anguish to reserve it and the money, because you can have the SNES mini games on your Android phone and enjoy them already.

We recently showed you the best emulators for consoles for Android, a compilation where you can download the emulators of the most important consoles in history. Today we focus on the Super NES, and in particular on the 21 games that will bring the mini version of the console. Let’s put things easy so that in a couple of clicks you have your own version on the mobile.

Get the SNES mini games for your Android

First of all is to get to the console, or in this case, with the emulator that moves the games. There are several in Google Play, but we recommend SuperRetro16, one of the best emulators you can find. It has a free version or a premium version without advertising for 2.49 €. It has many interesting options. We can modify both video and screen options as well as audio. We can edit the touch buttons or connect external controls and remap the buttons for a better experience. It has accelerometer, turbo speed and self-guarding.

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As you see, a very extensive number of options that will allow us to adjust the experience to us to the smallest detail. But if we want an experience closer to the original console we can enjoy the games on our television sharing the application with Google Chromecast. In addition, if we connect an analog command the experience will add many integers. You can connect any command, but we leave you a couple of options that resemble the original SNES control, one bluetooth and another by USB cable that will work if your device is compatible with the OTG connection.

Download the App

SuperRetro16 Lite (SNES)SuperRetro16 (SNES)

With this set up now you have to download the games. In the application itself we have a section to look for, but this will redirect us to the web browser that will do a Google search. It is a feasible option, but we advise you several well-known sites to download these roms, with practically the whole catalog of games.

List of SNES mini games

Nintendo has included 20 jewels in this reissue of the Super NES. It also includes an unprecedented game like Star Fox 2 that did not hit the market despite being at the end of its development.

Here we leave you some of the games included in the SNES mini.

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