Kuatia – A game with a thought for Families


Kuatia is a casual game designed for children and adults of all ages, where the goal is to travel as far as possible without falling prey to obstacles in a world of paper and caricatures. At the end of the tour, users will be presented with a screen that will show them how many stars they achieved, according to the distance traveled. It is a simple formula that is optimal for spending little free time.
The game does not present advertisements or purchases

It is completely free and, because of its carefully crafted content, is part of the Designed for Families program of the Google Play Store, which guarantees healthy fun for all ages.

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The game is inspired by the time that its creator spent as a child in front of a television, sharing good times with family and friends. It is dedicated to all children, youth and adults who keep alive the spark of innocent joy.

Kuatia is available for free download in the Google Play Store on all Android devices in the world with a version of operating system 5.0 or higher.

More about its developer

Marcos Codas is a multimedia and enterprising producer. He has more than a decade of experience in the audiovisual industry, having worked in Canada for 12 years as a designer and music producer. He currently lives in Paraguay, where he works in multimedia production.

He is also a freelance writer in the music, film and video games industries. Among his works are the award-winning short film Kurusu Serapio and From Numbers to Sounds, a system that translates statistical data into classical music.

BDS is the main channel for publishing the large and collaborative works of Marcos Codas. BDS releases include Idillicah’s LP Rebirth of the Future (distributed in 5 countries for 2 labels), live sound for Grammy winner Donald Ray Johnson at the National Music Center of Canada, mixing and mastering The Anxiety Guy Podcast , ITunes’ # 1 health podcast, as well as the award-winning horror short film Kurusu Serapio.


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