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homescapes hack

Homescapes Game

The Homescapes is an exciting and fun online game developed by the popular Playrix Games, also, it developed the famous Gardenscape Game. The Homescapes is a match three puzzle game where the player has to complete the objective provided in each level of the game and they earn Star and Coins or they can use the Homescapes Cheats to get unlimited Coins and Star. Using this hack tool or cheat, the player can easily swap pieces and you can complete different levels of the game quickly.

To start the game, you have to help Austin in refurbishing his house with matching and swapping pieces. It is an interesting game that offers unique features, including the explosive and booster combinations. At the beginning, you may think that the game is easy to play, it looks easy, but after completing each level it becomes tougher and complicated. Once you reach the difficult stage, then you cannot randomly trade pieces together. That is when you need Homescapes Cheats. You will discover various secrets as you keep reaching different levels of the game. On the whole, the Homescapes is a very addictive online game that attracts all age groups.

As per your liking and preference, you can put the music in the game and enjoy the music while playing the game. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, and the game’s AirPlay feature will allow you to display the game on your Apple TV and iPad wirelessly.

homescapes cheat

Homescapes Hack Tips and Techniques:

  • Use only high-quality Homescapes Cheats.
  • You can purchase the booster items in-game by spending real money.
  • If you able to swap two “Four line power-ups” together, then you can easily break 3-line vertical bricks as well.
  • You can swap the rocket power-ups to launch it. Make sure that you use rockets to reach rows and columns or folded areas.
  • To trigger the bomb power-up, you should tap it twice. You can earn paper planes by matching four bricks in a square. If one box gets activated, then the paper planes will allow you to fly to the next objective automatically.
  • To trigger the Rainbow Ball power-up, you have to trade it with a blue brick to remove all bricks of that color from the box or field.
  • The Homescapes game offers various decoration options, and once you replace the furniture piece, then you are allowed to exchange it for another color. You can exchange it whenever you needed it and have to pay 10-coins for swapping the armchair.
  • You have to activate the power-ups to spread the carpet in the entire area. All that you need to do to activate power-ups is to double tap on them.
  • To remove the jellies, you have to match the bricks next to it
  • When you complete the game, for every day, you will earn a thousand Coins.
  • You can remove jelly to collect the cherries.

If you have limited Lifes, then you can buy in-game by spending real money, and one life costs around 900 Coins.  But, using the Homescapes Hack is the best way as you can save a lot of money and at the same time, you can reach the advanced level in a very short time.  The game gets complicated in the advanced levels, and you should play very carefully because if you lose a Life, then you have to play that level again.

Maximum, you will get five Lifes in the game, and if you lose all of them, then you have to wait some time to get a new life. If you don’t want to wait, then you can as well purchase the Life with real money or download the free Homescapes hack tool to get unlimited Life and Coins.

Generate Unlimited Coins, Lifes, and Stars With Homescapes Hack

Homescapes is the perfect game that the entire family can play it together. It is a fun and exciting game that you will soon get addicted to it.  In the game, you have to match and swap different objects in the block.  Once you create a combination of tiles, then you will get a lot of Coins, which is considered as the primary currency of the Homescapes Game.  However, Stars are considered as the in-game premium currency that the player can earn when they complete different levels. But, earning the Coins and Stars in the game is not that easy.

The game takes you through various difficult and tricky levels in the game, and without this currency, you cannot complete the game at all.  While playing the game, you are sure to lose all your free five Life and to continue the game, you need more Life, for that you have to spend your currency to buy the Life. That is when these Homescapes cheats can help you in several ways. This hack tool helps you save a lot of money and help you get Unlimited Stars and Coins whenever you needed.

Why Should You Use Our Homescapes Cheats?

The Homescapes Cheats works 100 percent and it is absolutely free of crashes and bugs.  It has a built-in anti-ban system that will safeguard your game from search engines. You don’t need to worry about getting banned or suspended from the game by the developers. The inbuilt auto-updater will update the tool automatically, so you can avoid updating it manually.

The hack tool is easy to use, even a beginner can use it safely. The hack tool has a user-friendly interface and they work on all iOS and Android devices.  You don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use this Homescapes hack tool.

Objects Of The Game

When you begin the game, you will see six objects, including Cups, Lamps, Buttons, Books, Teapots, and Bow Ties. When you go different levels, you will see different objects like Jellies, Cherries, etc.


homescapes powerups cheats

Besides the standard three tiles matches, you can also make different combinations, by matching four or five tiles together that will give you several power-ups. If you make a square match, you will get a cubed paper plane that you can use it when you need it. If you match four bricks/tiles in a row or a column, then you get a rocket power-up.  You can make various other combinations that can help you get bombs, which is considered as the powerful power-up in the game.

homescapes coins hack

Coins: Coins are the main currency of the Homescapes game, which you can use for various goals. You can earn coins by matching tiles in each stage of the game.  With these coins, you can purchase Boosters before you enter into the new level, and these boosters can help you succeed the level.  You can also use the coins to buy Life when you lose all your five Life.

Stars: It is the special money in the game that you can earn once you complete some levels in the game. When you match the bricks, then you can earn power-ups. The Stars can also help you to complete the level and earn them. Using these Stars you can furnish the house, and finish all other tasks in the game.

Story Rehearsal

You can enjoy all the exciting adventures that the Hero of the Game, Austin is through that you can see without even playing the Homescapes game.  Though completing the levels is much more exciting, but still if you want a faster way to see how the story happens and ends the story walk-through can help you see the story.


Overall, the Homescapes is a fun game that you can play in short intervals. You don’t have to complete all levels in one day.  The game can be played for several days. Homescapes Cheats can help you finish the levels quickly. You can also check our hack for CSR Racing 2 from our website.


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